SM-G965U Unlock SIM Carrier SPR/BST

SM-G965U Unlock SIM Carrier SPR/BST

How Can You Unlock Your Device To Use Any Sim Card

Just One Click To Unlock Your Device

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Searching For Adb OK
Model: SM-G965U
SDK Version : 29
SN: 3637523355413098
Android Version: 10
IMEI: 35642009XXXXX
Security Patch : 2020-11-0i CP: QP 1A. 190711.020
Build date: Wed Nov 18 15: 13:47 KST 2020
Baseband Version : G965USQUSFTK3
Brand: Samsung
Hardware: qcom
SELinux : Enforcing
CPU: sdm845
Country : USA
Sales code: SPR
Check If Model Is Supported : OK
Account Type: Annual/Balance
Getting Server Data: OK
Initialize Device Data: OK
Reading Device Data : OK
Send Data Server To Phone: OK
Checking Phone Security: OK
Getting Calculating Security: OK
Unlocking Device: Successfully!
Time Elapsed:01:48 Minutes

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